Stranger Things Upside Down Capsule

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Fall into the world of Stranger Things from the critically acclaimed TV show with these Upside Down Capsules from Bandai. Each of these blind boxes holds a mini Stranger Things toy along with two matching accessories. In addition there are two packs of cards, one pack contains two activity cards while the other contains seven collector cards. There are 11 characters to collect in this Stranger Things figures set, each time who you reveal is a surprise, see if you can find the whole cast. Each mini figure comes with two matching accessories to help you express your individuality as you display them. Within each Stranger Things mystery box is a pack of two activity cards. Use water to reveal the photo in Jonathan's Red Room and help Eleven make it through the maze to her friends with the Palace Arcade scratch card. The Upside Down Capsule also comes with a pack of collectable art cards with unique designs, one of these can be slotted into the box itself to display an 80s themed Stranger Things logo or a background showing locations from the show. Gather them all to decorate your room with this fantastic Stranger Things merchandise, perfect as a gift for boys and girls, or fans of any age.

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