OH! MY GIF Pickle Puggo Pack

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OMG GIFs have come alive! Some of the most famous and fun GIFs have jumped off the screen and into your hands! brings to real life the fun and humor of GIFs you know from the internet to share with your friends I R L! Activate your GIFbit to discover its surprise movement and unique message – push pull turn or twist to bring your GIFbit to life Once your GIFbit animates it will reveal a popular internet feel so you can share OH! MY GIFs with your friends and family There are over 60 GIFbits to collect from Series 1 and 2 across 6 different teams including CURRENTVIBE BESTIES SUPP WOW GOALS and FAIL Download the GIFS GONE LIVE AR App and scan the A R card from your pack to get digital GIFbits on your phone! Just download the GIFbits on your keyboard to add to your messages and send to your friends! Toy collectibles will never be the same now that Oh my gif is here to like and share!

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